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Make your experience work for you


The Connector. is a platform that connects you to experienced freelance consultants with scaling Fintechs in the financial industry. Consultant professionals are invaluable resources when it comes to spotting opportunities, making connections, and understanding the complexities of this sector. Your expansive networks and deep knowledge of the banking world is unique for our partners and can help them scale even faster. Join the Connector. and generate some extra income from your experience.


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Capture opportunities and revenue with The Connector.

Freelance consultants in the financial industry are undervalued companions and a vital element of the ecosystem. We are seasoned professionals with many years of experience and expansive connections in our field. Our value lies in our skills, knowledge, network, and thorough understanding of the industry and banks.

The Connector. offers an ecosystem to find new partnerships with quality companies that need your unique skills, knowledge, and network. This superior model will enable you to thrive and supplement your revenue with both recurring income and sales commissions.


The Connector. is also a chance for freelancers to find belonging and a safe place in the financial industry. Join a supportive community that will bring you into contact with innovative companies working on the industry's latest improvements and developments.

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Discover our trusted Connector companies
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How does it work?


Quick Win

Use your connections to introduce our highly-vetted Fintech companies to the right people.

  1. Discover our amazing vetted Fintechs

  2. Get collaboration agreement signed

  3. Share your personal network, experience and insights with them

  4. When your effort lead to a deal for our companies we share 10% of the sales commission with you


Become Connector

Generate recurring income as an experienced sales expert for a vetted and fast scaling Fintech.

  1. Discover our amazing vetted Fintechs

  2. You are looking for a recurring income and you can offer a unique network and experience to one or more of our customers

  3. Setup Introduction meeting with us

  4. Get collaboration agreement signed

  5. Get started with business development activities for our customers

  6. Have weekly meetings with the dedicated Fintech you are working with

  7. When your effort leads to a deal for our companies we can share up to 60% of the sales commission with you

Book a meeting.

If you still have questions or you want to learn more about how we can collaborate. 

Book a meeting with us so we can answer all your questions.

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