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The Art of scaling needs updating.

Scaling Technology and Innovation in the European Financial Industry

How we help Companies Scale.

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Brand Building

Branding is crucial for scaling companies because it establishes a unique identity, fostering trust and recognition among consumers, which in turn accelerates growth and market penetration.

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Event Representation

Event representation is vital for scaling companies as it amplifies visibility, networks with potential partners and customers, and demonstrates industry leadership, all of which are key to accelerating business growth and market expansion.

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Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing leverages key leaders to drive your brand's message to a larger market, establishing credibility and trust in your brand more effectively and rapidly among target audiences.

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Incorporating sales-as-a-service into a business model offers flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to quickly adapt to market demands and drive revenue without the overhead of traditional sales teams. 

Brand Building.

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We build your brand in the local markets: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, and the UK using our credentials.

The Connector. community has +500 years of Financial Industry experience.

✔ We participate in more than +75 industry events globally annually, and we are constantly in interaction with the market.

Discover our Scaleups Portfolio .

We carefully select the technologies and solutions

that actually solve real issues.

Influencer Marketing.

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Our organic social media reach is extensive across Europe with our FinanceX Magazine, Podcast and content creation.

The Connector is built and supported by several internationally recognised FinFluencers

✔ We amplify your message, leveraging influencer marketing to significantly extend your brand's visibility and impact in the financial sector.

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Making Positive Waves in the Finance Industry.



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Event Representation.

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From personal experience, the most significant deals are made at events. We make your conferences' ROI 500% higher.

We are part-time at industry events, talking constantly to your buyers.

We rigorously prepare and follow the events and report back to you.

We participate to 75+ Global Events.

We participate in conferences with the Connector. Community members to increase exposure.

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We support Startups with Scaling ambitions.

New products and solutions need to be fostered from the early beginning.

Financial Institutions must be made aware of the latest innovations.

Let's break with the chicken and egg dilemma.

We have developed a program that helps companies like yours with exposure, awareness and serendipity sales support.

95% reduction on the Hyper Scaler service.

Granted to a select amount of starting FinTech's.

Discover if your company is elegable


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We offer fractionated Sales-as-a-Service throughout Europe and across different domains.

Learn how we solved standing for a buyer's closed door. Instead, we have ongoing conversations with 65+ financial institutions in Europe.

We are 75% cheaper hiring your one salesperson and 400 % cheaper employing a scale team of four.

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Learn how the old sales models

are broken and how to fix it.

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Click here to download

Start Scaling your business in the Financial Industry.

Increase your time-to-market.

Increase the sales cycle and deliver scaling-proof points.

Augment your sales team with B2B professionals who share their network.

Mutualization of scaling cost amongst several companies.

Discover our offering.

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Early Scaler.

2000 EUR/year

You are in the early stage of scaling your business. Together, we can break with the chicken and the egg dilemma. We bootstrap your company for 12 months for less than the cost of one event.

*Marketing Add-On:

2000 EUR/month


🔥Hyper Scaler.

4500 EUR/month

You need business expansion in Europe. We boost your business for a fraction of the cost of full-time sales with more seniority and reach in the market, building your brand.

*Marketing Add-On:

1500 EUR/month

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Bespoke Pricing

We accelerate your sales in specific regions and/or business domains. Build your sales team with senior profiles and trust with your buyers.

Contact us.

Get more insights into the different offerings.

  • Branding
    - Serendipity sales during structural meetings with FI's. - Podcast recording (value 500 EUR). - 2 page coverage in Finance X Magazine (value 1500 EUR). - Listing on The Connector. website.
  • Influencer Marketing
    - Only available in Hyper Scaler.
  • Event Representation
    - Serendipity prospecting at >75 international industry events annually. - We offer many discount codes to international events.
  • Sales-as-a-Service
    - Only available in Hyper Scaler.
  • Additional Services
    - Only available in Hyper Scaler.
  • Commissions
    20% for the first year deal value 15% for the second year deal value 10% for the third year deal value
  • Condition
    - Proof that you are an Early Scaler. - Upon approval of The Connector. after due diligence.
  • Marketing Add-on
    Social Media: - You will get access to a Content Studio license to manage your personal and company LinkedIn Account. - We will post an events announcement for all the conferences that we are attending on your behalf. - The announcements will be designed in your own branding. Content Marketing: - We will produce 2 SEO blogs per month about your business in your own tone-of-voice
  • Pricing
    Early Scaler: - 2000 EUR/year excluding VAT. Marketing Add-on: - 2000 EUR/month excluding VAT

Contact Us and Start Connecting Today.

Please contact us when you have any questions.

We are looking forward speaking to you.

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