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Introducing five°degrees

We are excited to share that five°degrees, a provider of core banking technology, is our most recent client. They focus on helping mid-sized financial institutions to larger banks manage their retail- and corporate clients and transition into using public cloud-based services.

Key Offerings from five°degrees:

Back office software for banks flexible to develop their own financial products.

Capability to build processes for adding new and maintaining current customers.

Direct connections to major payment systems including SEPA, SWIFT and faster payments.

Proven ability to manage rapid growth, such as having adding 200,000 new clients in under three months using the automated orchestration.

five°degrees has earned trust in the financial sector, partnering with leading banks like TD Bank, Argenta, as well as younger banks like Brand New Day and KNAB.

We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and look forward to working closely with five°degrees to help enhance their propositions and expand their reach.


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