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Money20/20 Europe Returns to Amsterdam with Focus on Human/Machine Partnership

It's almost that time of the year again—the pinnacle of the European conference landscape—Money20/20 in Amsterdam. Just a few weeks away, this event gathers people from all over the world in one place. This year marks my fourth time attending the conference, and each time I return, I'm enriched with new insights and connections.


This year, I'm particularly excited about the theme: "Human X Machine." In my professional life, I've worked for startups where we vigorously advocated for this synergy. During my time at a wealthtech, I became convinced that the true power lies in the symbiosis between humans and machines. However, it's crucial to recognize that we must embrace machines in all their forms and never forget the human.  The blend of human ingenuity and machine intelligence promises to redefine the financial landscape, making Money20/20 Europe 2024 an event not to be missed.


Exploring the Human/Machine Partnership


This year's theme, "Human X Machine," will examine the dynamic relationship between humans and intelligent machines, exploring how this partnership can usher in a new era in finance. Attendees will witness the convergence of human ingenuity and machine intelligence, leading to transformative changes in consumer-business interactions. This evolution promises to redefine not only the experiences within the financial ecosystem but also how they are perceived and engaged with.


Money20/20 Europe 2024 will feature sessions around five key topics within the "Human X Machine" theme:


- A Customer Universe of One: Focusing on hyper-personalization in finance, where every touchpoint is customized to meet individual customer needs, creating seamless experiences across financial journeys.

- The Age of Atomic Finance: Exploring how monumental technological advancements like AI, cryptography, and quantum computing deliver atomic-level precision, empowering hyper-personalization and reshaping the future of finance.

- Meet the Architects: Showcasing the visionaries from startups to agile incumbents who are creating new landscapes for the financial future.

- Signal Vs Noise: Addressing the rapid pace of financial innovation driven by emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and Web3, and emphasizing the importance of discerning real potential amidst the noise.

- The Business of Money: Analyzing factors contributing to success and offering insights from founders, key decision-makers, consultants, investors, and disruptors on partnerships, investments, and customer relationships.


Looking forward to meet you:

Money20/20 Europe 2024 promises to be a groundbreaking event, exploring the intersection of human and machine intelligence in the financial industry. With its rich legacy of innovation, this year's conference will undoubtedly provide valuable insights, foster strategic relationships, and inspire participants to embrace the future of finance.

As a proud media partner of Money20/20, we are thrilled to be part of this dynamic event. I look forward to connecting with industry peers, sharing experiences, and exploring the latest trends and innovations. Let's meet up and discuss how the synergy between humans and machines can transform our industry.

To make your participation even more exciting, we are offering a special reduction code TCR200 to save 200 EUR. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of the conversation that shapes the financial landscape. See you in Amsterdam!



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