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The art of scaling needs update.

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When start-ups enter the scale-up phase, even the most modern and high-tech start-ups fall back on an old-school solution: hiring a salesperson or sales team.

But the model of hiring a traditional salesperson or sales team is outdated and not scalable in its own right. This means it’s no longer the best solution in a global digital world.

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.What’s a better solution?

Join our ecosystem and you can avoid expensive, risky and ineffective salespeople. On top of this, joining the ecosystem enters you into a strategic partnership where you can gain knowledge on certain markets, the culture, the dos and don'ts that you otherwise would be unaware of.

This is a new approach that links multiple non-competing global FinTech and RegTech start-ups, banks and regulators through a representative. 

A representative that not only has the knowledge and experience to understand your product in depth, but has a vast amount of past scaling experience to share and can utilise an extensive international network to bring scaling opportunities within your reach.


This is our offer to help you overcome the challenges of scaling today. 

Challenges of scaling.
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The Connector's clients.
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Learn how to scale your business.

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Let’s connect and start scaling your business!


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