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Bridging Finance and Technology for Tomorrows Solutions.

Empowering Financial Institutions with Cutting-Edge Innovations

How we help Financial Institutions.

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Stay ahead of the curve, the Connector. helps you understand and translate ongoing trends into your strategic roadmap. We are the market's trendwatchers.

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We help you trive innovation engaging with your propsects, customers, employees and the wider market. Become an Innovation Marketleader.

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Match & Mix

We work with +25 vetted, cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. Discover how these road-proven solutions may enhance your operations, compliance and product offering.

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Bespoke Scouting

The Connector. actively searches the market on behalf of financial institutions to find diverse and innovative solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Making Positive Waves in the Finance Industry.



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Trend Spotting.

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Translate the latest innovation trends and FinTech hypes to your business for free.

The Connector. community has +500 years of Financial Industry experience.

✔ We participate in and accumulate insights in more than +75 industry events globally annually. We discover new Fintechs every day.

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Match & Mix.


✔ Connect your financial goals with our meticulously curated portfolio for free.

✔ Engage with +25 vetted scaling technology companies.

✔ Benefit from active dialogues with +65 leading banks and insurance firms across Europe.

Using Road Proven Technologies.

We carefully select the technologies and solutions

that actually solve real issues.

Bespoke Scouting.

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✔ Our expert analysis identifies and details the most suitable solutions for your needs.

We scan the entire vendor horizon on your behalf. This can be done anonymously to stay under the radar when needed.

We run due diligence and report to you or help you organise a demo session.


We participate to 75+ Global Events.

We animate conferences with keynote speeches,

panel moderations and live podcast recordings.

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Together with APIX, we deliver a unique and efficient way of Asian innovation into Europe.

Use a digital innovation platform to spark collaboration with your customers and get your employees involved in the digital transformation journey.

Discover a more streamlined and inclusive approach to the conventional RFP and RFI processes. Let your future vendors prove capabilities in a sand-box.

Learn more about how to apply innovation

in a highly competitive and digital market.

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Innovation-as-a-Service Pioneers.

Discover how financial institutions have been using the APIX platform

Contact Us and Start Connecting Today.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out.

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