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Webinar: What are the main challenges of open banking?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

On the 23rd of February The Connector. organized its first Webinar hosted by Remco Veenenberg. Together with industry experts Frederic Lebeau, Inna Kostiuk, Branko Greganovic and Jeroen de Bel we discussed the challenges of open banking.

The takeaway from this session is that open banking, or the open data economy, is possible and can benefit consumers. It needs to be managed correctly, with the right technologies and user consent management at its core. Open finance is not just about data sharing but also about collaboration between different parties and leveraging new technologies such as privacy enhancement and consent management to ensure that data is secure. Open finance is an opportunity for Europe, but it needs strong support from all sides to succeed.

Did you miss our webinar? Here you can listen to it in our podcast.


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